Isacco Emiliani is a photographer who works on long-term projects and telling stories of wild places and the people who inhabit them, with anthropological, environmental, social and cultural themes.
Born in Faenza in 1991 where he currently lives and works, after studies in advertising graphics he study photography specialized in reportage and photojournalism with teachers such as Chris Burkard, Sarah Leen, Marco Pinna and Arianna Catania.
He promotes understanding of the Earth, its natural history, through images to transmit the passion for nature, the sense of wonder and concern for our planet and for the man who shares life with respect.
Today he is a photographer for Euro Company, where he talks about their controlled and ethical supply chain, which sees over 10 reportge worldwide, since 2017 he has collaborated with Dynamo Camp for Oasi Dynamo project, one of the most prestigious Italian social and environmental projects, with Wooding a research and experimentation laboratory on the use of wild food for human nutrition and nutrition and with A Mani Libere, a non-profit association, which finances social projects aimed at children-boys with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities .
Since 2016 with the personal project “Arctic Visions” which sees a series of self-produced fanzines to tell each Arctic region (2017: White Finland, 2018: Prehistoric Norway, 2019: Native Alaska) involves our eyes to the beauty and fragility of the Arctic.
His images have been published and told in different countries on books, magazines, TV, radio and brochures including LaStampa, Rai, Artwort, IlSole24h, Radio DeeJay, 361Magazine, FanzillaFest.