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Alaska – 2018

Native Alaska, the third volume of Arctic Visions. I am in one of Alaska’s northernmost villages, where the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ends and the Arctic tundra flows into the Beaufort Sea, the last frontier before the Arctic Ocean. Here I meet the beating heart of a land that has remained unchanged over the time. Adaptation: this is the word that has influenced the lives of the inhabitants of the Arctic Circle for time.
The Inupiaq, the Inuit of northern Alaska, native population of a human dimension, ancient and gentle, which today see new and difficult challenges: from climate change to globalization, to the exploitation of a territory that, today as never before in history, it is deeply threatened.

Svalbard – 2020

No Man’s Land Svalbard, the fourth volume of Arctic Visions tells the human dimension of the Svalbard islands.
Nowadays speaking of “no man’s land” refers to poised borders, to dangerous, uncertain and bare land. If we fly over this wonderful Land that welcomes us, it is easy to be surprised by the incredible continuity of the landscapes, plains and mountains, cities and countryside. From the deep south to the far north.
One Earth. Of all.