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Selected for a new collective exhibition about the “silence” at PH21 Gallery, Budapest in March!

Some Images from Lost in Grønland, the collection #5 of Arctic Visions by Isacco Emiliani.

Ø06 from Lost in Grønland

“Bewilderment as extravagance: the vaguely creepy view portrayed in Ø06 represents a uniqueness belonging to Grønland. In Upernavik all the buildings feature the basic colors of the RGB range so that travelers, lost in white, can more easily orient themselves, but those buildings, equally lost in white and increasingly corroded by the permafrost, stand as an extravagance, compared to the nature of Grønland. Extravagant, extra-vagans, is the one who wanders outside a pre-established path. The one who errs, the one who gets lost. The Nobel son of these white lands Halldór Laxness wrote in World light (1969): «Being a poet means wandering on a distant coast».

Making poetry, making art, means wandering, and wandering means getting lost.”

Ø09 from Lost in Grønland

Bewilderment as falling in love: in Ø09 there is an Inuit child in silhouette who blends in with the slope of the mountain which he sits on. Emiliani tells me that the child remained there for a long time, absorbed in the white silence typical of Grønland: here is the nascent state of falling in love. It is bewilderment, confusion, fusion, contemplation, it is vertigo. The last image of Lost in Grønland thus reunites with the first one, giving the project the vital rhythm of circularity and rebirth, opening and closing with those belonging to that body of water, with those who know it best, with those who love it with a maternal or filial, but always unconditional, love.

Text by Fabiola Triolo curator about Lost in Grønland the collection 5 of Arctic Visions by Isacco Emiliani, printed with Tipografia Altedo