“Food that changed your life” is a book that tells stories of 15 people that revolutionised their life starting from food.
Every story goes with a photo in which the person is central,portrayed with the object that represents the change.
This photographic project allows me to travel all over Italy, to meet wonderful people and to get into their lives, before even entering their houses.

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I shared with them, the story of most difficult moments, when all seemed now lost. And then when they heard inside them-self the awareness of the change.
Their smiles, voices breaking with emotion, their tears of joy are the best present that I bring inside me.
I understood how much suffering and tenacity brings with it every change. Every story starts here: offering and awareness to find a new direction, a new starting point.

From every change I understood that we all have a lot to learn.
15 photos for 15 stories. All with the same principle: everyone represents a rebirth, a new start. With this project I tried to convoy the positivity of people that they have done it, that they have managed to improve their lives through the food.

Thank you all for allowing to enter,to know, to live your stories, I am grateful to Euro Company that allowed me all of this and thank you to Cinefood that shared with me this long and worderful journey.

As follows you can read and buy this book: https://www.fruttaebacche.it/ossigeno-elements-of-life/il-cibo-che-ti-ha-cambiato-la-vita-248.html


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Euro Company

Isacco Emiliani

Ivan Tabanelli


Febbraio 2018