White Finland, the first volume of Arctic Visions. Finland was only waiting to be discovered and I have the require to know even it’s more distant corners. In front of my eyes only a huge white paper. I discovered the white of the soft snow, the white of the freezing storm, the white of the cloud cover, the white of the freezing path and the white of the boundless taiga. How many whites there are still in the Arctic.

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The Finland was waiting to be discovered and I have the require to know even its more distant corners. I travelled 4678 km, between the 63° and the 68° parallel, crossing the Great Lakes region until I reached the immense Arctic Circle. And there I found the nature in her pure and essential form.

An incessant, almost total, silence, was my companion during my travel. And I wanted to preserve this silence, trying to be gentle during every hard step between the snow, for fear to alter this perfect balance.

An environment that causes a dizziness feeling because it is impossible to distinguish the sky from the Earth, where reference points do not exist and where the horizon seems inaccessible.
For many miles, in front of my eyes only a huge white paper. It was up to me to decide how to fill that void apparently without borders. But before everything else, this nature had to be respected, listened and observed. In this journey I discovered an infinity of whites, everyone different from the other, everyone with its own identity. I found out the white of the soft snow, the white of the freezing storm, the white of the cloud cover, the white of the freezing path and the white of the boundless taiga.


Isacco Emiliani

Alex Liverani

Alex Liverani

Isacco Emiliani

Arctic Visions

Aprile 2017

Limited Edition
200 copie