Arctic Visions - Isacco Emiliani
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Arctic Visions

Arctic Visions is a travel in reverse, until the origins, to come back to be human, I feel inside me the recall of freedom of those lands.
A part of the world where it is impossible to lose, where the nature is still the man’s house, where the time follows its rules, and the seasons change the earth like the sky and the silence of the horizon speaks an ancient language. Human being goes back to being animal between the animals.

Where the beauty assumes the forms of the trees that draw the landscape, it expresses the call of the animal, it paints of the colours of the northern lights and it perfumes of this primordial smell that you can feel where the time stopped and human has never been.
And there I arrive, finally. I enter in the perfection of the landscape that composes Arctic Visions, a collection of photos that tells every Arctic country, each one with its own concept, with its own history.

Eight paper volumes with 9 photos each one, not linked, to hang or to keep in the library. It will seem to be there, in the Arctic, and to watch everything that until now you just imagined.


I love self-productions, exactly because they don’t have expressions limits, allowing me to publish themes, which I consider important in innovative ways.

The formula of the book series Arctic Visions allows to have nine, not bounded, cards 21 cm x 21 cm, printed with a high quality 250 g paper, in order to hang them up on the wall or keep them inside of the volume.

The fanzines of the book series Arctic Visions are always a limited edition, and once terminated, they are not going to be re-printed.
The missions of the fanzines is to support this long arctic trip.