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As I write, it is December 23, 2023 in Cortona, Tuscany it is 19 degrees, I am looking at #5 Arctic Visions, the beautiful project by @isaccoemiliani which has been on my desk at @gallerieditalia in Turin for about a month. Thanks Isacco!!! In this period I have opened it, unwrapped it, touched it, reassembled it and closed it at least ten times.

The white box is pure aesthetics, it recalls the icebergs of Greenland, it evidently contains all of Isacco’s desire to give back a tiny piece of its beauty to the Arctic.

I’m talking about it today because the project highlights the loss of harmony between man and nature and a warm Christmas is the sign of this defeat. The Alps without snow, the rivers once again without water.

There is no need to go to the Arctic to understand that we are losing an important game, we need photographers to travel to tell us their stories, and Isacco does it in a clear and honest way, he relies on silver to bring us the sensation of an incessant light like that of the north pole. The silver he uses to write the text on a white background, which I struggled to read, kept me glued to the paper and required an effort to understand everything Isacco wants to tell. The silver of the reflections of the ice, of the water of the snow and this is the color that expresses the Photographer’s journey. The images are few and the prints are material, they suggest the journey once again, they tell us about people who live in an environment with which to still have a relationship, not like our Christmas at 20 degrees. The box set is a limited edition, cared for like a rare object, it transmits love and dedication. Well done Isacco, thanks again and Merry Christmas to everyone at 20 degrees.