Earth conservation and human being stories.




I capture nature in its most essential form.
I tell stories that have a strong connection with the territory, through social reports and conservation and environmental protection projects.
I promote the understanding of the Earth and its natural history through images that convey the passion for nature and the sense of wonder and concern for our planet.
I look for the essence of life.

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NATIVE ALASKA – Volume Tre | Arctic Visions

NATIVE ALASKA – Volume Tre | Arctic Visions

Native Alaska, the third volume of Arctic Visions. 9 double-sided cards for a total of 18 photos to tell the strong parallelism between nature and man...

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Prehistoric Norway - Volume Two | Arctic Visions

PREHISTORIC NORWAY – Volume Two | Arctic Visions

Prehistoric Norway, the second volume of Arctic Visions A voyage through time From the golden lights of the morning that show the desolate face of an ancient and inhospitable land, until the rising of the moon, and then again, in the heart of the night where the strenght of the northern lights,in their immense vastness,...

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WHITE FINLAND – Volume One | Arctic Visions

WHITE FINLAND – Volume One | Arctic Visions

White Finland, the first volume of Arctic Visions Finland was only waiting to be discovered and I have the require to know even it’s more distant corners In front of my eyes only a huge white paper I discovered the white of the soft snow, the white of the freezing storm, the white of the cloud cover, the white of the freezing path and the white of the boundless taiga How many whites there...

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